Oven Fresh Password Maker

Oven Fresh Password Maker

Password Maker is an application that helps webmasters and website owners easily create login boxes and password protect webpages.

Password Maker enables you to customize the look of your login page and preview it in the application and in your browser before you uploading it to your website. It can help you create any number of password protected pages.

The application can help you send all the users to same page or each of them to a different. When users enter incorrect usernames or passwords you can warn them with a custom alert message or redirect them to another webpage.

Password Maker's Remember Me feature allows the user to save their username and password on their computer. Passwords are generated automatically or you can use your own passwords. Save the username and password list to disk for easy re-use without having to remake the list all over again each time a user is added or expired.

You can find user entries on the List quickly for easy editing. You can hide the location of your webpages from the Address bar of the browser. Open linked files in an IFrame (parent, self. or top), named IFrame, or named Frame of a Frameset. You can also open linked pages in a new window. It is extremely easy to open linked files anywhere on a web site. Encrypt users code instantly for added protection if you wish.

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Max Saunders, 21.07.2017

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